How to wear the Bodycon dress

bodycon_dress_straplessBody dresses or Bandage dresses, whichever you call it doesn’t matter. They’re the same. And what matters really is that they’re trending! For women who love to flaunt their curves and edges, Bodycon dresses can definitely pull it off. This fashion trend has become quite popular among celebrities and ladies who loves to party and attend social events and gatherings, and for some, casual wear. Bodycon is actually a short term for “body conscious”. The first thing that comes to mind when women hear the word bodycon are those skin tight hugging, short, sexy dresses that can either make you look classy or trashy. So… how exactly do you wear it? Do you think it will make you look cute or exotic? How can you find that perfect bandage dress that is most appropriate for your body size?

Don’t be afraid to wear one! Majority of the ladies actually lose confidence and feel insecure when they come across a bodycon dress, thinking that they’re too fat or too thin to wear one. That it’s only for women who actually have that perfect body curve. It’s like these dresses strike fear to some.You know what? I say you get out there and try to wear one! “Being confident on her own skin is what makes a woman beautiful”. For women with plus sizes, don’t be ashamed of wearing spanx or intimate body shapers. Many celebs actually wear it to redefine their curves.Women tend to follow celebrity fashion trends and you can see many celebs wear it such as Kim K, Beyonce, and Katy Perry. And these skintight dresses, as tight as they can be, are somewhat very tricky to wear.

Learn how to balance your outfit. Some bandage dresses are difficult to pull off because of its tight fabric. They have different textures, lines, cutouts, which may or may not be suitable for all body types. Know the appropriate dress to wear. You can’t go to class wearing a bodycon with plenty of cutouts and matching heels. You’d become a distraction to some. Learn how to accentuate and wear appropriate accessories if possible.

Pick the right color and style. Ladies look classier with plain and dark colored bodycons. Dark colored dresses can help make you look thin and plain dresses are always so elegant to look at. Also take note of the following:
– Choose dresses with smaller cutouts for plus sized women.
– Horizontal stripes can make you look wider
– Bandage dresses with shoulder pad can help shape up your torso thereby making an illusion of an hourglass body type.
– Dresses with big prints can make you look bigger.
– Dresses with sleeves are perfect for all body types.

You don’t have to flaunt ALL of it! Bandage dresses may be perfect for a night out in the club but not in the church! Learn how to balance your clothing. If you’re wearing tight jeans that flaunt your buttocks, you can wear a dress shirt to cover up some of it. When wearing a sleeveless bodycon for a casual day, cover up your shoulders with a cardigan or maybe wrap a scarf around your neck to prevent revealing too much skin (unless it’s a hot summer day). In order to pull off a perfect bandage skirt in class, pair it with your favorite plain or striped tee and flat shoes or sandals for a more conservative look and looking sexy at the same time!

The key to wearing bodycon dresses is to balance your clothing. Flaunt one asset, and cover up the rest. Fashion isn’t always about looking sexy (and I’m talking about revealing too much skin). Looking sexy and classy at the same time is the way to go. It all depends on how a woman wears a bodycon dress.

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