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The Bodycon dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It has become a must-have piece for most women. Worn on nights out on the town, in town to do shopping, or pretty much for any occasion in the 21st century, but where did it come from? Let’s rewind a bit! The Bodycon dress goes back through the 90’s and even the 80’s. Theses dresses go back over thirty years and are still going strong today.

With celebrities such as Beyonce, Fergie, Kim Kardashian and pretty much every iconic pop star of this era. The term Bodycon comes from body conscious, and this isn’t too much of a surprise as the dress does exactly what it says: hugs the body showing the female form. Just because the dress is tight does not mean that every woman in the world has to have a modelesque body. There are a number of ways to make the Bodycon dress work for you; some have been outlined below.

Choose the right shape for your silhouette.

If you have a larger legs and buttocks why not have a look at bandage dresses that have shoulder pads to even out your silhouette. The way to make your Bodycon dress work is by keeping in mind the way you look. Why not get some advice from our famous celebrities by looking online!

Size is important!

These types of dresses are very tight and can be extremely flattering if worn correctly but you need to make sure you buy the right size. Remember if you are slightly curvy buying your dress in a few sizes too small could make you look larger than you are. This said if you buy a dress a few sizes too big it will bag around your waist and butt and therefore not give the flattering effect you desire.

Accessorize with some jewelry, bag or other items.

Knowing how to accessorize your dress is crucial. If you over accessorize you will look very blingy. Everyone knows the saying: “Little is more” this also goes for Bodycon dresses. Just a couple of pieces can make you look the part. Opting for a pair of earrings and some bangles could do the trick if you have a high neckline dress, or you could go with a chunky necklace and clutch bag, the choice is yours!

Remember to choose the right length

These tight fit dresses come in all shapes and sizes so choose the right one for you. Often these dresses come in short or midi length. Unfortunately, it depends on the luck of the draw! Typically longer dresses look better on women with slimmer legs whereas shorter lengths can be worn by virtually anyone. If you opt for the longer dress, make sure you have a nice pair of elegant heels to finish off your look.

Be confident and rock your new style

It is a myth that only skinny, tall women can wear a Bodycon dress. Even if you are a plus size woman there a number of ways you can wear a slim fit dress. Not only can you buy amazing shaping underwear from most retails stores but with the variety of bandage dresses around you can pick the one that best suits your shape!

So flaunt your womanhood with a Bodycon dress and rock the celebrity fashion by visiting our website here:

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